19 Pakistani Universities Included in World’s Top 500 Greenest Campuses

The top 500 Greenest Campuses ranking has been published by the University of Indonesia (UI)

How To Apply for Generation Google Scholarships for Women [Guide]

If you are a female student of computer science looking to excel in the technology field

Bite-Sized Learning

  The technological advancements and concentrated efforts towards improving the standards of everything have led to new trends all around. Luckily the world of learning, precisely

Artificial Intelligence Education

Artificial Intelligence & Adaptive Learning Artificial Intelligence Education, or what is more commonly known as Adaptive learning,

Student centered learning

  Student-centered learning is an approach to modern classroom interactions that revolves around the idea of leading the educational courses

Shaping education policies

The shaping of education policies in Pakistan is overseen by the Federal Ministry of Education that supports curriculum

Education Reforms and Imran’s Government

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has focused on education and kept it an essential point during