What is the Monthly cash reward program?

Monthly cash reward program is a financial assistance program for all the deserving students of Pakistan. Students are awarded cash awards based on their aptitude tests related to their course subject.

How the prizes will be awarded?

Prizes will be awarded based on the test taken every month. Candidates need to achieve a certain score in order to be eligible for a cash reward.

What subjects candidate can take the test in?

There are four subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics) applicants can take the test in.

How many subjects an individual can compete in?

Each candidate is allowed to register in more than one subject for competition but at his own level of education.

Can an applicant appear in one subject in more than one category (Level of Education)?

Each candidate is allowed to register in only one level of education.

What are the prizes you are awarding?

Following are the prizes that will be awarded against each nominated subject.


SSC/O-Level HSSC/A-levels Graduation Masters


Rs 12,000 Rs 14,000 Rs 17,000


Rs 10,000 Rs 12,000

Rs 15,000


Rs 8,000 Rs 10,000

Rs 13,000

85% Rs 5,000 Rs 7,000

Rs 10,000


What if one candidate from each level of education compete and has appeared in two or more subject and wins two or more position, he will be awarded one prize or more prizes respectively?

If the candidate wins two or more positions he/she will be awarded accordingly against each subject separately.

How will you confirm my registration?

Once you submit the application, you will receive a pop-up notification on your screen for successful submission of the application.

May I register on the day of the examination?

Registration can only be done online and before the given registration date.

What is the payment procedure for registration for this competition?

Payments can be submitted to any branch of MCB bank through Munzill’s deposit slip. Candidates can download their respective deposit slips once they fill the registration form. Registration fees can also be submitted in Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) or JAZZ Cash QR Code.

Is the registration fee refundable in any case?

The registration fee is not refundable in case.

What is the syllabus for the competition?

Tests are composed of the respective level of education applied and the respective subject.

What would be the mode of the test for this competition?

Munzill prefers to conduct this test physically however we reserved the right to conduct it online due to the current ongoing situation

From where I can get the application form?

You can access the application form through

How can I get the test schedule?

You can visit our website or may contact our office.

I completed my SSC in 2018 and now studying in the Second Year, what category should I select?

You can compete at the HSSC level.

I completed my HSSC in 2018 and now studying BS, what category should I select?

You can compete at graduation & Master’s Levels.

Why is the B.Sc, M.Sc, and Mphil kept in one category?

Tests will be conducted from the BS level of each subject so all the three levels ( B.Sc, M.Sc, and Mphil ) can appear and compete at the same level.